Mission Revival Squat Vase

Mission Revival Squat Vase
Mission Revival Squat Vase
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Mission Revival Squat Vase

An extraordinarilly unique hand thrown pottery vase featuring a deep eggplant undertone with an organically dripped blue/green overglaze pattern and triangular indents that add depth and distinction to this one of a kind work of art.

Hand turned and glazed by local North Carolina potter J. Phillips, these beautiful, one of a kind pieces are crafted using the same traditional methods and techniques that date back to the 18th century before the American Revolution. Hand crafted using the highest quality local clay, which can be found in abundance in North Carolina's Piedmont region, each piece of this exquisite pottery is steeped in tradition and history. The perfect addition to accent any room in the home and a great conversation starter!

5" H x 8" W

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