Buyers Guide

Care & Cleaning: Make Your Furniture Last

Proper cleaning of your table ensures its beauty and longevity. We recommend simply using a damp cloth to clean your table. Never use a silicone based polish. Your furniture store or local hardware may carry Guardsman Furniture Polish which is recommended for fine wood finishes.

Every effort should be made to keep your table out of direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators, hot air outlets or wood stoves. These conditions will cause the wood to dry out and subsequently split.

Humidity between 35 to 45 percent guards against shrinking and cracking or expansion. Basements with high humidity should be avoided. You may choose to dehumidify or humidify depending on your environment. Extreme temperature and humidity will ruin wood.

Following these wood care guidelines, along with common sense will ensure that your fine, solid wood furniture will become the heirloom of future generations.

Furniture Care Tips

  1. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight
  2. Avoid placing directly in front of or underneath windows
  3. Blot up spills immediately
  4. Lift items rather than dragging them across the furniture surface
  5. Rotate your accessories every once in a while
  6. Avoid placing furniture near heat sources and do not store in damp area