About Us


Mission Bungalow started in 1995 in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina as an idea. Awareness of the honest, time honored methods to construct Craftsman Furniture and Lighting coupled with a new appreciation of the Timeless Craftsman Style had made the supply of the older antiques evaporate. We then knew what had to be done. Bring U.S. made Craftsman Furniture and Lighting at the lowest prices possible to our loyal customers accross the country, So that is what we did. We are Family owned and operated and not a large corporation only selling what is trendy, with no regard to quality using the "Ship it and Fix it Later " philosophy so prevelant these days. We are a Real Company, not just a Phone number and a Warehouse.  We have a Brick and Mortar Showroom to provide you with excellent service 7 days a week , Low Overhead, a Fully Stocked Warehouse, and 33 years of experience in the Design, Construction, Crafting and Packaging of Craftsman Furniture, Lighting and Stained Glass Lamps. All at the lowest prices anywhere in the U.S. Our Furniture is made with the finest Quartersawn Oak or Cherry wood from renewable sources. Each piece uses Mortise and Tenon or Dowled Joinery, Solid Dovetail Cedar or Oak Drawers, Hand applied finishes with a conversion varnish . Every piece of Furniture is personally assessed before it makes the cut and goes into our inventory or on our site, insuring exacting quality and a lifetime of use.The best Furniture made at the best price! 

At Mission Bungalow we bring you only the Highest Quality Lighting, be it Tiffany or otherwise with 32 years of experience used every day on every item we carry. All of our Lighting is U.L / C.S.A. approved and is made with the highest quality materials and finishes for lasting beauty and function. Our Tiffany items use Hand Rolled Art Glass, individually cut, using the Copper Foiling method used by Tiffany Studio over 100 years ago.  Every piece is personally assessed before it makes the cut and goes into our inventory or on our site, insuring exacting quality and a Lifetime Electrical Warranty. Of course at the best price!

At Mission Bungalow we try to offer something for everyone in all of our categories, but we know our customers are unbelievable creative and will have needs we haven't thought of, but we are listening. If you are looking for something in particular or have a specific need, Please ask!  It is likely we may carry it all ready or can have it custom made for you at a great price 

At Mission Bungalow, we have been around a long time. All our products must pass the same test, which is " If we wouldn't own it ourselves, We won't sell it"  With 34 years of experience and understanding of how Mission Furniture, Lighting, Accesories, all the way down to the smallest Door Pull needs to be Built, Packaged, Protected and Shipped we know you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.  We will meet any advertised final price on the exact same item, and you still recieve 33 years of experience and our outstanding customer service.  We appreciate you visiting our Site or our Store in Raleigh and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Thank you. We know your time is important and we look forward to hearing from you soon or seeing you in the future.